Ngilu to Kitui residents : Arise, protect our county


Governor Kaluki Ngilu today, February 1, asked the residents of Kitui County to support her push to stop the draining of Kitui resources to other countries.

Speaking at Kyusyani in Kitui rural, Governor Ngilu said sand and forest cover were being depleted with residents getting peanuts and harsh realities of climate change.

The county Boss said this in the Kyusyani meeting, where she presented a cheque worth Sh 125,000 to Lower Yatta Honey Factory, which is the first of seven meetings she was scheduled to address on Thursday.

” I urge you all to get ready to correct injustices against our county. We must harness our resources for our benefit and not drain them to benefit others” she stated.

The governor further registered her most sincere pain and discomfort in  the fact that all school uniforms for Kitui are procured from outside the county. She urged the people of Kitui to at least be creative enough to come up with local knitting companies and cut down on dependence from other regions.

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