A Lorry caught Ferrying charcoal one day after Governor Ngilu Launched anti-charcoal burning Campaigns.


Hardly a day after a ban of charcoal burning in Kitui county by Kitui Governor Hon. Charity Ngilu, a lorry carrying 142 bags of charcoal was today Friday 2nd February, 2018 intercepted by the Kenya Police at Kwa Kilui area in Kiusyani Assembly Ward, Kitui Rural Constituency.

This incident occurred after Governor Ngilu banned charcoal burning and fronted the anti-charcoal campaigns countywide yesterday, Thursday 1 of January 2018, saying that charcoal burning has been the major cause of forest destruction leading to desertification of the county in many years.

Charcoal burning has been a major problem in many parts of Mwingi Sub County, Kitui South, Kitui Rural and Kitui East Costituencies leading to the residents to finger-point Kitui government for its drowsiness in putting the matter to an end.

This high risk activity in the county led to Governor’s intervention in the recent few days with the major campaigns being held yesterday on Thursday 1st of January 2018 at Kiusyani, Kanziko, Ikutha, Mutha, Endau and Nuu areas in the county.

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Governor Ngilu Warned any person caught in the banned and unlawful business will be subjected charges and hence facing the forces of the law.

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