Devolution : Governor Ngilu Reiterates her Devotion to Serve Kitui County.


Governor Ngilu has reiterated her commitment to serve all the people of Kitui County irrespirrespective of their political alignments in the August 8 th,2017 general elections.

The Governor was speaking today Saturday 3rd February, 2018 at Kitui Agricultural Training Institute in Kitui Town when she was addressing the former Councillors who served the then Mwingi and Kitui Municipalities.

Ngilu stressed her willingness and determination to foster growth equity in all the parts of the vast Kitui County.She called for union of all elected leaders for the common good of all people and urged them to shun from all the past political differences that over the past years have been derailing the full realisation of economic development in Kitui.

Ngilu has confirmed that her service delivery remains Paramount and that she is devoted to drive the county forward amidst a myriad of challenges of the fast growing population of the county.

She added that the leaders must find out the long lasting solutions to the permanent challenges that the dry Ukamba region has been facing since immemorial times of the White Masters.Ngilu urged all the Kitui farmers to embrace the shift to modern farming methods so as to produce sufficient food that can cater for the whole population.

The Governor also said that the coronation of the NASA Chief Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga was constitutional since he ” won” the August 8,2017 General elections.On 30 th January, 2018 the NASA leader led his supporters at Uhuru Park where he was “sworn-in” as the “Peoples President” of Kenya.The event was attended by several leaders elected under NASA Coalition umbrella.

Ngilu was accompanied by her Deputy Governor Hon. Dr. Wathe Nzau who pleaded to the Kitui residents to support the County Government leadership in an effort to realize the capacity development in the county.

Other leaders were Kauw’i Assembly Ward legislator Hon. Jane Mutua,the former Nuu Assembly Ward law maker who doubled as Kitui County Assembly Leader of Majority Hon. Kilonzi Maundu.

The former Chairman to the defunct Mwingi Municipality Musyoka Wa-Maiyu also attended the function.

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