Kitui, Kalundu Miraa traders fight for business supremacy


Protracted rivalry between miraa traders in Kitui CBD and their counterparts from Kalundu market took shape with the Kitui based entourage taking to the streets protesting alleged intimidation by their counterparts on Saturday, February 3.

Speaking to the journalists present during the demonstrations, the miraa transporters’ chairperson Mohammed Juma said that there have been wrangles between the two  factions of the trade but it has never escalated to taking to the streets before.

He, however, affirmed his commitment to unite the traders as a way of promoting harmonious miraa venture in the region.

Those who do not prefer miraa from the usual suppliers can source from rural areas where there are miraa plantations,” said Mohammed.

The heated protests disrupted traffic and business in the CBD for close to an hour until law enforcement  officers from Kitui police station were forced to disperse the demonstrators who were  blockong the road towards the Kitui cereal board area.

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