It’s either they stop or we burn down the lorries, Nuu angry youths


By Linah Musangi

Angry youths have threatened to burn down lorries ferrying charcoal from Nuu ward, Mwingi Central constituency of kitui county.

Speaking to their MCA, Alex Musili, at Nuu Primary schoool in Nuu town,they stated major reasons why they want this illicit venture  completely halted.

We as the Kamba community are not benefitting at all from this charcoal burning. These Kikuyu’s come with their men who occupy a forest after they have negotiated(of which they pay poorly) with the owner then cut all the large trees, finally burn charcoal. The only point where they involve us is to load their lorries and pay our youths ksh.200 per lorry.A single lorry carries up to 250 sacks. ” stated a business man in the town.

Nuu town boda boda chairman ,Aneto Muthui urged the County government through their  Member of County Assembly to help them get their stadium back.

We were given a field by the former county government to conduct sports and any other activities uniting the community but they are using it as charcoal collecting point. We want it back or else we take the charcoal to our homes and burn their lorries.

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Our roads have been destroyed by these heavy lorries. Potholes are all over. We are having a lot of difficulties while transporting our customers.There is an increased number of bodaboda accidents too majorly caused by these poor roads.”  added Muthui.

Most farmers in the region complained of poor rains blaming the felling of tress.

When our forests were still ‘intact’ we received heavy downpours.Most of us are struggling to survive since we depend on our shambas and now the rains are no more,” said Mutemi,a farmer in Nuu area.

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