Boost to Kitui Rural Constituency residents after an NGO pledges financial support to Hon. Mwalika Mboni.


After a consultative meeting held today Monday 05 January, 2018 between Kitui Rural constituency legislator Hon. Mwalika Mbooni and the officials from Sasol Solutions, the electorates now have a something to smile at after the NGO promised to work with the Law maker for the benefit of his residents.

Hon. Nzomo Mwalali who represents the residents of Mbitini Assembly Ward to County Assembly of Kitui had accompanied the Parliamentarian in the executive meeting with the NGO officials.

Sasol Solutions is an NGO based majorly in the South Eastern part of Kenya, Ukamba.Since its existence in the vast dry Ukambani region, many economic and development projects have been launched by the NGO.These projects have fully benefited the residents of this area.

Sasol and Solution officials which is an NGO operating in Kenya based along Kitui -Machakos road, they all showed their readiness to partner with Hon. Mwalika to provide services and put in place projects to make Kitui Rural Constituency a better place for the residents.

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The NGO’s priorities are in the areas of community development, access to water, and food and income security.

The Foundation is commonly associated with building sand dams to provide a community with long term water and food security.

 Other services of Sasol Foundation

Enterprise Development

ICT Community Training

Student Professional Exchanges

Conservation Agriculture

The NGO officials pledged their financial support to the local legislator so as to enable him deliver fully his manifesto to the electorates.The officials indicated that they shall set aside a considerable amount of money to fund the stagnated development projects in the constituency.

In addition to that,they agreed to jointly work together with the local government of Kitui County as well as the National Government in an attempt to speed the development of the region.

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