Shock Wave as Governor Ngilu storms Kitui Hospital unexpectedly.

Governor Ngilu inspecting Kitui level 4 hospital's Pharmacy

Monday 5th January shall remain a memorable day to the workers of Kitui Level 4 General Hospital.The workers of Kitui County Referral Hospital were caught unaware after Governor Ngilu stormed into the hospital very early in the morning by 7 O’clock.

The Governor took that move after having received several calls from the patients who were undergoing treatment in the level 4 General Hospital.

The patients bitterly complained about the derailment of the medical services.H.E Charity Ngilu entered the gates of the Medical centre just a few minutes past 7 O’ Clock in the morning.

Immediately after her arrival at the Hospital, she made a direct telephone call to the Chief Officer Dr. Evans Mumo.Governor Ngilu summoned Dr. Mumo to the General hospital after realising the various challenges that the patients were undergoing.

The inpatients complained about the mosquitoes attack due to lack of enough treated mosquito nets.They also added that the terms of service delivery to them have been very poor due to the sluggishness of the hospital staff.A pioneer challenge that the patients pointed out was the shortage of clean water in the Hospital Wards.The

Governor was shocked to find 2 Beyond-Zero ambulances she launched few weeks ago parked at the hospital compound instead of being dispatched to serve the residents of the vast Kitui Devolved Unit.

Governor Ngilu standing beside neglected Mobile clinic

She ordered Dr. Mumo to deploy the ambulances to serve the Kitui people.Dr. Mumo had a difficult time to explain to the Governor H.E Kaluki Ngilu why one of the hospital Wards had been turned into a store.The realisation that the newly acquired hospital beds were in the said “store” infuriated the Governor since the hospital administration had ordered for the new simmilar beds.

By now you should have stopped the old way of delivering to the Kitui people.They have no time to wait. When you delay them,they call me and that’s why I woke up very early to respond to their call this morning.If you cant cope with this letter of demand by the Kitui residents, Please give me a resignation letter so that I find other person who clearly understands how Kitui Forward Sasa works,” Governor Ngilu added.

The Governor ordered fumigation of all the hospital wards and its environs to get rid of the mosquitoes in addition to the provision of the newly treated nets to the inpatients.

Ngilu also paid a visit to the ongoing construction of water storage facility in the Hospital. Flanked by CEC Lands and Planning Hon. Jacob Kakundi and his Public Health & Sanitation counterpart Hon. Rosaita Ngina.

Governor also visited drug store where patients que for long to get the services.Hon. Ngilu ordered for the increment of the points to ease the patient’s congestion.

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