By Linah Musangi

    5th Feb 2018: One can’t have one type of meal everyday right? Some argue that they will suffer from some ailments, the food is monotonous, it’s not sweet and so many other justifications.

    Unfortunately, this is also happening to our marriages. Both men and women are very aggressive in terms of checking what’s in the neighbor’s pot.

    ‘I can never have ugali daily. Never. Carbohydrates alone will not work perfectly in my body. I need a balanced diet. When will I ever know how githeri tastes, or even rice. ?’ Jonathan ,a family man asks.

    Infidelity is the order of the day. It is so serious that what makes some wives stay in marriage is because, even if he is seeing someone outside, he still takes care of his family. He takes the wife to salon, leaves shopping money on the table, he is still paying fees…others it is because of their children. He/she want them to have both parents and so they have to assume each other’s actions for the children sake.

    What happened to the vows at the alter? Surprisingly, in the midst of that congregation, the bride or groom maybe having someone very close to their heart. Yet they have decided to settle as an item.

    ‘The necessity of marriage is to basically have a continued generation.’ A friend told me.

    ‘It is African for a man to have several ladies even a cock doesn’t belong to one hen.” He confidently adds.

    ‘Even when your husband gives you everything, he must be weak in one way or the other. He might be the boring type who never takes you clubbing, whereas I still need to enjoy my youth and dance my sorrows away if at all there is. He might also be the type who is never home early, so I have to look for someone who will always be there and give me the comfort I want.’ Catherine ,a nurse says.

    I have met a lot of people who walked down the aisle because of so many issues far from love.

    ‘I met this man and I decided to help him chop his money. On the process, I got pregnant. I was not ready for marriage but this left me minus a choice. Wondered how I would go back home to face my uncompromising parents with the pregnancy yet I was only 19.’Suzan, a stay home mum narrates.

    ‘I am currently going out with two attention-grabbing guys who are far better than my husband. I am aware he has much more side dishes so we are equivalent. The main issues is my son has both dad and mum.’ She adds

    Biblically, King Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. Someone once told me that this King is his guru.

    ‘As long as money is not the issue, women are not an issue to have too.’ A wealthy tycoon states

    ‘I have all the money required to have different types of ladies. From all the Kenyan tribes and beyond. I must have fun since life has no rehearsal.’ He adds



    ‘Are you from within this town? Haven’t seen this beauty around here. And you know what, I must have you’

    ‘You sound really confident. Why do you think you will have me?’

    ‘Because I am wealthy and handsome.’

    This was a conversation between a close friend and a stranger.

    Some Kenyan communities believe in polygamy while others believe in monogamy. In my opinion, it is better to for a man to have three legal wives rather that five ladies outside marriage.

    ‘Infidelity in marriage especially during these times is laying couples in so many dangers. This is because of so many diseases present today among other hazards. Married people should be very careful and at least be loyal to one another.’ Mr. David a heath Practitioner says


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