Angry Mwingi Youths give stern warning to Commercial charcoal dealers.


By Stephen Mwololo

Mwingi: Angry youths from Mwingi North constituency in Kitui County on Sunday 4th February, 2018 to completely burn any lorry or other road locomotive that shall be caught ferrying the charcoal within their area of residence.

Their move has come just few weeks after Governor H.E Charity Ngilu banned the commercial charcoal burning in Kitui Devolved Unit.Her ban was highly necessitated by the need to conserve the environment and fight against desertification of the already dry Kitui County.The rate of commercial charcoal burning had significantly increased at a higher rate in Kitui District.

The adverse effects if the massive tree felling was higly shaping the possibility of there being a greater percentage of the semi-arid cover in the region.Over the past years,the locals of Kitui have been suffering hunger due to lack of sufficient rainfall that could support the production of enough food to cater for the highly growing population.

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In addition to that,getting enough and clean water for domestic use has been a great challenge to the residents of Kitui District. The locals have been walking for long distances away from their homes so as to secure themselves clean water.

Speaking to the Journalists at Nuu market,the Kitui youths reiterated the words of incumbent Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu that charcoal burning should come to an end.In addition to that,the youths added that the practice of large scale charcoal burning was posing an environmental threat to them. They also complained that the whole area to have been receiving insufficient amounts of rainfall over the past few years.All these were attributed to the unnecessary and unplanned charcoal burning.

“They come and buy a whole farm to cut down trees.It is not acceptable since the trees cut are not replaced.Our youths are only left to load the charcoal sacks for which they are paid a meagre of KSh. 200.Do you think anyone would allow us invade their area and deny the locals the labor the way they do to us,?” Aneto Muthui added.

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Through their Boda Boda Chairman at Nuu market Aneto Muthui, these youths noted that the people doing this illegal practice are not even the residents of Kitui County. The fact that the non-residents are the ones involved in this menace greatly infuriated these youths.

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