Is Malombe barring billions from Kitui?


If the allegations being hushed in whispers are anything to go by, Kamili packers, the company that was tasked with purchasing  green grams (Ndengu) from Kitui farmers have all of a sudden chickened out from the project, citing threats from from former Governor Julius Malombe.

The company which brings as the largest Ndengu buyers in the country through their Managing Director Mr Sunil, paid governor Charity Ngilu a courtesy call onthe morning of  Monday, February 5, as a fleet of their trucks moved to the markets.

The Ndengu Revolution was set to be rolled to a new level on Monday, 5th January as the buying of the crop was set to begin This plan to benefit local residents was cut short by the alleged ‘Malombe’s interference’. Millions of shillings will now rollback to Nairobi.

Sources within the company disclosed that there was heightened political temperature from Kitui ex Governor Dr Julius Malombe and his supporters hindering the project that was initially  meant to support Ndengu farmers financially.

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