Nuu youths take action against charcoal burning


By Linah Musangi

Mwingi, 7th Feb 2018: A lady together with two men were caught by surprise after enraged Nuu youths,Mwingi East sub county offloaded charcoal from their lorry and threatened to burn it down.

The lorry was caught at around 1 Am yesterday night  in Mwangeni area,along Nuu -Nguni road and taken to Nuu police station by Muli Mutua, a Kitui County Enforcement Officer.

The lady claimed that these bags belonged to a certain company but not an individual and that she was a wife to ‘unknown OCS’. This never hindered the youngsters from offloading the lorry.

A confrontation emerged between police officers and the youths who were not afraid .All the 220 sacks of charcoal in the lorry were unloaded by these wrathful  youths and took them to their homes leaving the lorry empty.

It took the intervention of Mr.Muli who pleaded with them not to torch that truck.

After the drama, they were given their empty lorry and proceeded with their journey to unknown destination.

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This has happened one week after Governor’s directive through the youths to take action against charcoal burners.

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