Why Ngilu’s fight against charcoal and sand businesses is far from ending

Lorry that was arrested by Governor Ngilu at Kanyonyo

Just like graft scandles in public offices and institutions,  charcoal burning and sand harvesting in Kitui County are businesses perpetrated by top cartels  who are either in the county government or call shots in the same administration.

Privy sources within the county government indicate that a number of county employees are reaping big from the ban,as is expected, (the “toa kitu kidogo” philosophy has taken root in these parts of the continent.)

The cartels are well organised, getting instructions from Ngilu’s top employee  who also sends timely alerts on the Governor’s movements to his accomplices in the licensing department.

The said lead perpetrators also happens to share the Tanathi compound with the Governor making it slot more easier to monitor Governor’s movement and alerting those on the ground.

He is a master of conducting  sand and charcoal businesses which happen to have been his main business ventures during former Governor Malombe’s regime.

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If at all these illegal activities are to be brought down, there is dire need of serious reshuffling and sacking of  corrupt employees in the enforcement docket.

Without these changes it is much safer to say that Governor Ngilu is chasing after the wind.

As it stands, the ban on charcoal burning and sand harvesting  has given Kwanda and minions a humble time to collect KES 30,000 per lorry from excavators who harvest sand from river Tiva and use Kwa vonza route.



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