NASA supporters living in the United Kingdom hold demos against Uhuru’s government.


Supporters of Raila Odinga’s NASA living in United Kingdom on Thursday accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of contravening the constitution by harassing NASA leaders.

The government has rolled out massive plans to silence the opposition, with revocation of passports being part of the wider plan.

Many of us living in foreign countries are victims of Daniel Moi regime. KANU days are rolling back and we can’t allow that,” said Ali Abdi, the lead demonstrator.

Canadian based lawyer Miguna Miguna’s police ordeal precipitated more pressure from international community over respect of human rights.

NASA-UK Assistant General Secretary Janet Sutton insisted that the government was working unconstitutionally to silence the opposition.

Kenya is a country of laws and that must be respected. Uhuru should either limit himself within confines of the constitution or quit all together,” she added.

Since inauguration of Raila as people’s president, the government has arrested over three people aligned to Nasa with Miguna Miguna being the prime victim.

– By Fred Mulwa.

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