Show us direction Madam Governor, Mwingi Religious leaders


By Linah Musangi

8th Feb 2018: The Governor for Kitui County Charity Kaluki Ngilu, has been impelled by several Mwingi religious leaders to show the kamba community where they belong.

This was stimulated by the trending ‘ swearing in’ where Kalonzo Musyoka failed to appear, thus failing the entire community.

Speaking to Kitui Online, Reverend Peter Kiimbu of Messiahship Church  in Mwingi town, stated that the kamba community is left stranded considering that they are neither in the government nor opposition.

I believe you are courageous enough to shed some light to us. Show us where we rightfully belong ‘ pleaded Reverend

Madam Ngilu was also praised for the ban of charcoal burning and sand harvesting.

‘The ban of these two illicit acts is to the benefits of Kitui county residents.When our rivers and forest are well taken care of, then there will be no threat to the ecosystem.’

‘ If only we had such a leader before, then this menace would be long forgotten’ Veronica, an Evangelist added

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