High court bars government from withdrawing former VC’s security detail.


The High court has barred the government from withdrawing Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s security detail.

Justice Roselyne Aburili also issued orders stopping the government from revoking the NASA co-principal firearm licence.
The court further prohibited the state from arresting Kalonzo in respect to having the firearm.

In the orders, Aburuili also directed the chief licensing officer to renew and reinstate the firearm certificate which had been issued to Kalonzo within 10 days after the orders.

Orders are hereby made prohibiting the respondents, either acting by themselves or through their agents and or servants, from arresting the applicant for being in possession of Beretta pistol 380S/NOH21657Y,” part of the orders read.

The court quashes the decision made on January 30, 2018 withdrawing the applicant’s state provided bodyguards,” Aburili said.

The judge said the government should file a motion of compliance by February 27.
Kalonzo had sued the national government for withdrawing his security and revoking his firearm license.

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He said security was withdrawn from his homes without notice. He called it a blatant breach of the Retirement Benefits (Deputy President and Designated Officers) Act of 2015.

By Fred Mulwa.

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