My ban on charcoal trade is not tribal, Governor Ngilu

Charcoal seized from one the lorries in Kanyonyoo along the Thika-Garrisa road.

Ngilu denies accusations that she is targetting the Kikuyu in charcoal and sand harvesting ban in Kitui, says she is not aware lorries are being torched.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has denied that the Kikuyu’s are being targeted in the protests against charcoal burning and sand business in the county.

She said the ban followed an increase in the number of people felling trees for charcoal burning.


I met with security agencies and stakeholders and we agreed to stop charcoal harvesting because it is affecting our environment,” the governor said on Friday.

The governor further said that she is not aware that lorries transporting charcoal were torched in the county.


Ngilu said the ban is meant to curb massive destruction of trees and rivers in Kitui saying the situation has resulted in poor rainfall in the region.


She asked those in the charcoal trade to find an alternative.

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We are asking everyone in the trade to find something else to do. The move is meant to stop deforestation,” she said.

Kitui women are very annoyed because they have to walk long distances to find water because of the trees being felled for charcoal burning.”

Governor Ngilu revealed that charcoal traders transport an average of 200,000 lorries of charcoal outside Kitui every month.


She said this was an indication that there has been massive destruction of local forests.
We cannot sit and watch while rogue people continue ruining our environment. We must put an end to charcoal burning and sand harvesting in Kitui county.”

She also affirmed that her administration’s commitment towards making the ban a success was irrevocable.


By Fred Mulwa.

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