Two county officials arrested in line with charcoal truck burning

Charcoal seized from one the lorries in Kanyonyoo along the Thika-Garrisa road.

Kitui’s Environment Minister John Makau has been detained by Kitui police following  the burning of a charcoal truck.

Makau was detained a long with A county liaison officer, David Mbisi who is also linked to the incident.

The two were earlier summoned to the CID offices for questioning over the issue that has given rise to complaints from business people who fear that their trucks might fall victim soon.

It was only after sunset that they were told they were under arrest.

Privy reports have it that the duo will be arraigned in an Embu court where they have be charged .

Ever since the banning of charcoal burning,  sand harvesting and all related activities in Kitui by the county government,  residents in the county  have come up in arms against the two vices which are believed to be a sure cause of drought and famine in the region.

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