By Linah Musangi

Mwingi, 13TH FEBRUARY, 2018: Normally, it’s likely to find springs of water from area with more adequate rainfall and huge forest cover like in the equatorial climates like evident in the Mount Kenya regions. However, at Nuu hills in Mwingi central constituency in Kitui county there are eight springs of water which have been oozing from the rocks of the hills, aiding residents with water even in the driest of all times.

Nuu is one of the most arid areas of Mwingi and water shortages are common especially at a time like now when the long rains failed in most parts of Ukambani.

The springs of Nuu hills are said to be quite mythical and that if you disturb the water from the source, the gods of the water get angry, and the water would automatically go dry. It is said that this happened many years ago when some white men attempted to construct a tunnel to tap water from one of the springs, it is said that the water disappeared mysteriously.

Water from the springs on the hill is said to be benefitting more than 30,000 residents of Nuu ward alongside more than 50,000 animals, after it was successively tapped few kilometres from the source piped and supplied to the local by an NGO. The water is also benefitting several institutions like schools, including Nuu Health centre.

However, what is bothering residents of the area currently is how the water sources have been left unguarded, leaving the water sources open to interference either by human beings or their animals.

Due to this, the amount of water from the springs has drastically reduced and the residents now fear that with time the water might dry up completely, if the water source is not fenced and restricted from any form of interference.

Daniel Ngei, the chairman of the Mwola-Kai water project which taps water from hills says that water from the springs is benefitting more than 30,000 people and their animals in six locations; hence the water is very crucial to residents of Nuu ward.

Mr. Ngei says the water from the springs runs throughout the year and residents have no alternative source of water, and the county government of Kitui under the leadership of Governor Charity Ngilu should immediately intervene and protect the water sources before further human interference makes it dry.

Kitheka Muthui, an head man of Ngiene village says that apart from the water from Mwola Spring, there are several other springs which have never been tapped, therefore the county government of Kitui should consider tapping the water and supplying it to the locals.

Alex Musili, the area MCA says that he would be consulting Governor Ngilu in order to ensure that the area around the springs is fenced in order to protect the mythical waters which have been of great aid to residents of his ward.

Mr. Musili says that since the time of their fore fathers, the water has been running throughout the year, and human interference should not be allowed to deny residents the God given treasure.

According to the sentiments from residents, water from the springs of Nuu is the greatest gift given to them by their gods and that’s why it should be always protected from any form of interference in order to keep the gods happy and the water flowing.

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