Kalonzo given 14 days Ultimatum to Evacuate Yata Ranch.


Double Trouble for Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka after landing into yet another land trouble.His Yata Ranch in Masaku County is said to be government entity. The 500 acre ranch is now said to be government land registered under the NYS Department.

One day after the former Vice-President of the Republic of Kenya refused the allegations that his “swearing-in” was planned to be on 28th January,2018, he has also landed on another yet terrifying trouble.

The National Youth Service,NYS General Richard Ndubai has issued the notice to evict Kalonzo from that Yatta Ranch.

The size of the land is estimated to be 500 acres in Yata Constituency, Machakos County.  The National Youth Service General added that the ranch is registered under the NYS ownership and so the need for Hon. Musyoka to immediately vacate from it.

The ranch was acquired and preserved for use by the NYS. The General added that all those who may have acquired the land titles illegally to surrender them immediately before the actions of the evacuation by the government comes in .

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Hon. Musyoka has been given an ultimatum of 14 days to vacate the Government premise.Defending himself, Musyoka said that he legally own the ranch and promised to be moving to the Law Courts to defend his ownership of that land. He claimed to have acquired all required land details of that farm legally and not fraudulently as the NYS General said.

This move of reprocessing the illegally acquired land by the former Vice President comes few weeks after the incumbent President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta ordered that all the illegally acquired NYS lands be repossessed back to enable expansion of the NYS training institutions.

The president promised to refurbish the existing training centres and equip them with the modern furniture. This is aimed at increasing the recruitment of more youths to serve the nation fully.



Source: The Daily Updates.

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