Kitui’s Deputy Governor tours Kalundu Market for Commerce Talks with Local Traders.


After traders from Kalundu Market raised matters affecting them in the market and its sorroundings, Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau visited the market to get facts on the concerns of the local traders.

In his tour, the Deputy Governor was accompanied by a team from the Town Administrator’s office led the Deputy Town Administrator Mr. Job Muisyo, Faith Mutinda The Finance Ofiicer and Mr. Joseph Kilonzi the Deputy Town Administrator in charge of Trade and the Principal Engineer Jeremiah Kisilu from the office of Lands , Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development (LIHUD) .

During the visit the team found that opposite to the claims from the traders, the market had sufficient space for the traders to conduct their businesses. They instead agreed to move the traders from the roadsides to Kalundu Market for the market had enough market to cater for all the traders.

In addition to that,the team also agreed to solve the issue on current threatening issue of insecurity, leveling the market, fencing, partitioning of the market based on the products on sell on a week’s time.

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The Deputy Governor instructed the team accompanying him from the Town Administrator to make a close follow ups with the public works committee who were in-charge the market construction, and write a letter to the contractors to speed up and finish construction of some structures which were pending.

Dr. Wathe had a talk with the roadside traders on moving to the market who eventually agreed to move into Kalundu Market. This has come four days after the traders from the roadside and those in the Kalundu Market had several grudges resulting into a great conflict.

Lastly,the Deputy Governor also assured the traders that he will ensure the expansion of Kaundu-Kitui town road to make it safe for it is busy and narrow.

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