Youth Empowerment : Kibwezi West MP Hon. Patrick Musimba set to Launch Mulala-Emali Youth Self-Help Group.


Kibwezi West Legislator Hon. Mweu Musimba shall on Monday 19 th February, 2018 launch Emali-Mulala Assembly Ward SACCO set to benefit the local youths.The event shall be host at Redeemed Gospel Church at Mwanyani trading center. All the youths from this ward are expected to attend the forum since they are the main target beneficiaries of the same.

During his tenure in office as the local area Lawmaker, Dr. Musimba is focused and determined to fully help the jobless youths get their own self dependable income generating sources.The Mulala -Emali Assembly Ward Parliamentarian Hon. Nicodemus Mutua Muthoka shall be accompanying the Constituency M.P in launching the Youth Self -Help Group.The two lawmakers from Makueni County have shown their interests and determination to help the youths in creation of more job opportunities.

Their move has been fueled by the high rate of unemployment among the Kenyan youths which has been the major root-Cause of societal ills and evils such as drug trafficking,crimes and alcohol abuse.All these have been the major factors that have led to the insecurity in the area.By the end of August this year,each SACCO member shall be able to get the loans through the Youth Group.The entire Constituency of West Kibwezi has acrued several benefits from Dr. Musimba through the Emali/Mulala ward SACCO.

Each ward was awarded a motorbike,a tent,50 seats,a power generator and a large capacity water storage tank.The SACCO is expected to come up with an income generating project to get further funding from the MP.The 10% of the generated income shall be for the expansion of SACCO while the remaining 90% shall be subject to division among all the individual Self-Help Group members.

This project is not only made for Mulala-Emali ward but the same is expected to kick off immediately in all the other assembly Wards in the entire constituency and the larger Makueni county.The sucess of Dr. Musimba’s Project shall be a good idea to ease the unemployment congestion among the youths in the area.

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