Is Kitui county Senator digging his political grave?

Kitui Senator, Hon Enoch Kiio Wambua

When it comes to dormant and silent leaders in Kitui County, the newly elected Senator Enoch Wambua Kiio  seems to have perfectly adapted to the role of kingmaker in the area.

This has led to Kiio receiving all sorts of attacks in informal gatherings as well as social media platforms with  a section of online users asking him and his supporters to name what he has implemented so far.

What has Senator, Hon Enoch Wambua done/implemented so far?” this has been the question on almost all Social media platforms in the Ukambani region.

As surprising as it might seem,  the only answer that came up for the same was that he has settled school fees for one needy student, whose identity remains in the shadows.

Assuming the good senator indeed executed the aforementioned act from his own funds,  that’s a commendable thing,  but the million dollar question is what has he done as a Senator so far?

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Kiio has been silent on very important matters in Kitui including but not limited to the sand and charcoal ban,the Somali herders saga,  the Eviction of county officials by goons and many others.

This uncalled for silence has led to Kitui electorates looking at possible alternatives for Kiio. Top in the list includes  Members of Parliament Allan Sila (Kitui South), Alex Nganga (Kitui Central), Mbaki Mbaki (Kitui Rural), Eric Mutua (Mwingi), and Nimrod Mbai (Kitui East)




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