Governor Ngilu applies anticipatory bail against her arrest.


Kitui Governor Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu has on today Tuesday February 20, 2018 in the morning obtained the court orders from the Kitui Law Courts to block the police from arresting her over the remarks she made few weeks ago which many claim to be fuelling the interethnic
rivalry among the communities that have been living together peacefully since the time immemorial and after the take off of the Kenyan leadership from the colonial White Masters after granting of the Freedom by the Colonialists to Kenyans.

She is said to have fueled the ethnic hatred few weeks ago after she publicly made her remarks concerning the immediate actions and measures to be taken to curb the large scale Charcoal burning and the commercial Sand Harvesting in Kitui County by the non-residents.The orders were issued today in the morning by the Kitui resident magistrate Lady Justice Lilian Mutende which protected her from being put under arrest by the police over her remarks.

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Governor Ngilu has been constantly accused over her audio clip which has been spreading over different social Media platforms advising the Kitui people how to deal with group of the pastoralists who have illegally invaded their land in search for greener pastures and clean water for their cattle and the camels.A section of the commercial charcoal burners were also not left behind during the audio since they are part of the Governors addressees.

On Sunday, Ngilu denied the allegations that she was targeting the business people belonging to a particular community in her crackdown on the charcoal trading activities in her county.In her self defense, Governor Ngilu said publicly that she never aimed at a specific community but she targeted the environmental conservation since the obvious signs of an impending prolonged drought and famine were evident. Many rivers in Kitui County have already dried up and so the urgent need to control the forests and also by legislating the Assembly laws aiming at conserving the environment for the benefit of all.

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However, its just a few weeks ago after a section of angry group of unknown people torced a truck that was said to have been ferrying the charcoal along the Mwingi- Nairobi Highway near Kanyoonyoo trading center at Yata in Machakos County.The owner of the lorry is said to have
incurred a loss of 10 Million KSh. after the burning of that lorry an action done by the unknown group of people.

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