Mulyungi warns of a likely NASA split

Hon Gedion Mulyungi, Mwingi central MP

By Linah Musangi

Mwingi central Member of National Assembly Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has warned that the Wiper Party was ready to leave NASA following continued disrespect of their party leader and the former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka, by a section of ODM legislators since he failed to show up during the swearing in ceremony of the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking at Mwingi town yesterday, Dr Mulyungi called upon the ODM party to stop bullying the Wiper Party Leader and calling him names, saying that the swearing ceremony was to be attended by choice hence it was not a must for Mr Kalonzo to attend.

Dr Mulyungi urged other partner in the NASA coalition to show some respect to the Wiper Party leader and to tread carefully, or else continued belittling of Mr Kalonzo would amount to the Wiper Party saying goodbye to the coalition and charting a new political path.

On sharing of parliamentary leadership position, Dr Mulyungi said that ODM party has been side-lining other coalition partners in sharing of leadership posts and that’s what motivated the Wiper Party to write to the Speaker of the National Assembly demanding inclusion of Mr Ben Momanyi as a member of the Parliamentary Service Commission. This is after the ODM party fronted three names, all from their party.

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The legislator warned that NASA is risking a major split, if the ODM party doesn’t stop bullying other coalition partners and show willingness to sit and agree on the matters affecting the coalition.

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