Kitui County MPs agrees to jointly work together, puts aside their Political Differences.


Kitui County MPs agrees to jointly work together, puts aside their Political Differences. Kitui County Legislators validated the proverb East or West home is the best after they convened  an urgent meeting at the Parliament Buildings in Nairobi to articulate the grievances affecting
their Kitui County people together.


Yesterday Tuesday February 20,2018 shall ever remain an historic day for remembrance by the Kitui County residents and the future leadership to come.The elected parluamentarians from all constituencies across the entire county set the Development legacy after agreeing jointly to put aside their divergent conflicting opinions and views to shape the overall leadership of their home county.


The joint meeting elected Hon. Makali Mulu of Kitui Central Constituency as the Chairperson of the County Committee.The Lawmaker of Kitui South/Mutomo Hon. Rachael Nyamai was elected
the Vice- Chair to assist in chairing the County Board meetings. Hon. Irene Kasalu,Kitui County Legislator was elected the Secretary General of the board while Hon. Nimrod Mbai of Kitui East/Mutito constituency was voted in as the Whip of the County Development Board. Hon. Gideon Mulyungi of Mwingi Central was elected as the Board Treasurer.

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This elected team was mandated the coordination of the entire leadership. Through this, the revenue allocation and the progress of development projects both by national and county government is expected to be highly scrutinised and monitired. Their move is a good attempt in uniting their politically segmented county of Kitui.

Among the core challenges Kitui residents face are acute water shortage, prolonged periods of drought and famine, insecurity, frequent invasions by wild animals which threaten their lives, poor roads and infrastructure.

The conference saw the election of committee to facilitate coordination and unison amongst the elected leaders and the electorates. Their key agenda is to deliver fully to their people in an attempt to realising the economic and social development in their region.

The sucess of their move shall make county of Kitui a stable economic zone which shall be self reliant hence the well being of the overall residents of the County.

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