Legislator backs Honorable Ngilu in sand and charcoal ban in Kitui.


Matters involving illegal sand havesting and charcoal burning have become the center of attention not only in Mwingi West but the entire Kitui county of late.

Alot of discussion has recently  erupted after Kitui Governor H.E Kaluki Ngilu banned the two illegal activities in Kitui county.

Now the Mwingi West MP Honarable Charles Ngusya Nguna has come out strongly in support of the governor’s move to ban charcoal trade and illegal sand harvesting.

I personally wrote to the governor and eventually met her in her office early January 2018 to discuss these matters. We cannot allow the depletion of our resources and environment by outsiders. We need to protect our forest cover and rivers. Ngilu is on the right path and i will travel with her through thick and thin“, said Honarable Nguna.

This comes few days after a series of arrests of lorries transporting sand in Mwingi West by youths and their leaders. The youths have urged their MP to remain steadfast till the cartels are halted on their destructive tracks.

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They insist that charcoal burning and illegal sand harvesting are hazardous to Kitui County’s environment.

Those demonstrating against charcoal and sand havesting ban in Kitui have no future in this great region. I urge those demonstrating to go burn charcoal in their regions.

In January alone we stopped over 13 lorries on different occasions carrying charcoal and sand. This is the end of the road for the cartels and barons,” said an agitated Charles Nguna.

“I will also table a motion in parliament to support the charcoal ban and illegal sand harvesting in arid and semi arid areas in Kenya. This is the only route to saving our mother’s nature,” added the MP.

By Fred Mulwa

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