Kitui politician almost brings WhatsApp group to a halt, see what he did.


Kitui Central 2017 Mp aspirant Henry Malonza Kituti on Thursday shocked members of a WhatsApp group when he allegedly posted an explicit picture of a woman in the group.

The politician posted the photo of a ‘hot’ girl, sitting on a bed dressed in a light dress almost half naked and exposing her juicy thighs in a suggestive way. From the look of things, it seems the politician was flirting with the hot mummie or even having a good time, you never know.

This photo caused an uproar from the members of the group, with some getting concerned and questioning about it. Among them were Miambani MCA and Assembly deputy minority leader Alex Nganga.

Kituti later apologized to the group members who understood him and warmly accepted the apologies. However, the politician did not give reasons why he send the picture.

Whether it was intentional or by some foolish mistake, no one knows. In either way, we ought to be keen while handling explicit stuff in our social media platforms, lest you end up sending your mummie your nudes, God forbid!!

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By Fred Mulwa.

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