Makueni: KWS Officers Arrests Unlicensed Game Poacher.


An illegal game poacher has been put into custody in Kibwezi West Constituency after being arrested by the Forest Reserve Officers.This came after the hunter got caught up with 25 tails of giraffes by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers.

This was after rumours being spread in the town for the presence of unusual products being stored in one of the rentals in the town. The rumour mongerers said that there was meat and skins and also tails
in the rental house.

The Kenya Wildlife Service department confirmed the decrease of animals in the reserves and involved themselves in the search to know the reason for the decline in number of theanimals. They were caught
by the rumors and engaged themselves in the play to lay the trick.

The poacher was caught up at Emali town which is in Emali/Mulala Assembly Ward which is in Nzaui Sub-County in Makueni County on Saturday 24th, February 2018.

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This was after the KWS based at the area tricked the game hunter that they were potential buyers and that they were willing to buy his supplies.

Poaching is an act that is outlawed by the laws of Kenya so as to ensure safety of the animals and as well to ensure the hunters do not kill the animals for commercial purposes. The Kenyan Government highly
depends on these game reserves and the animals for income generation through both domestic and foreign tourism.

The officers arrested the poacher immediately after agreeing with him about the price of goods. This game just after hours of endless customer-seller bargaining which was a trick to confirm that the
poacher really had the commodity.

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