Stunning Findings in Kitui General Hospital Scrutiny.

Governor Ngilu inspecting Kitui level 4 hospital's Pharmacy

By Martin Masai.

The stock taking of all medical supplies to all Public Health facilities across Kenya which commenced at Kitui General Hospital has ended today 25 th February,2018 with stunning results after the discovery of expired stocks in the hospital medical store.

The exercise focused both on the pharmaceutical and and non-pharmaceutical stocks.The team mandated to do that job discovered that the medical stores resembles the dump sites.The new stocks were piled up on the older medical stocks.This haphazard pile-up of the drugs made it difficult for the drug-operators to acess the older stock.

The team also discovered stocks of expired syringes and catheters yet the patients seeking the treatment are being sent daily to the personal pharmacies owned and run by individual persons in the town to buy some of the drugs needed to facilitate the treatment process.

We have discovered the items that expired on 2015,2016 and 2017.Another batch of the same was found to expire on February and April this year,” an official privy to the exercise said.

Public Health and Sanitation CEC Hon. Rosaita Ngina said that the scrutiny of the supplies management system will continue as planned regardless of the various challenges that the entire process has been facing.

We seem to be concentrating much on ordering the supplies without follow up on whether there is need of the supplies in the first place.We are very keen to tie up the commodity management starting with requisition, issuance and dispensing so that the chain is complete and accountable” Hon. Ngina said.

The County Minister added that the exercise shall identity the gaps including the staff needs to handle the entire medical supplies management within the county.She added that the Ministry is establishing the public complaints system to fast track the issues arising from the service delivery across all the Government Health Units.

Governor Charity Ngilu kicked off the exercise of medical stock taking to all health centres within Kitui County.This was after the Governor launched the countywide stock taking exercise at Kitui Level IV Referral Hospital.

The Governor also added that the Health Docket has been allocated enough funding to purchase the drugs and the health equipment that is needed for freely serving the Kitui County residents.

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