Beware of conmen, Mwingi police boss 


By Linah Musangi

Mwingi, 26/2/2018: Mwingi central police boss John Nyamu has called upon residents to be careful on the numerous conmen who have been roaming around the area.

Nyamu who spoke at his office said the conmen are now trying to find new places after they have exhausted major towns like Nairobi.

They are sure it will take time for residents in the rural areas to recognise them. Kindly make sure you avoid them before you face the worst.” he cautioned

Last two weeks an employee of a famous insurance company in Mwingi was conned sh 20,900 as she was heading to bank the money.

It happened very fast. I met two women and they started talking to me. I tried to avoid them but after some minutes I had handed the money over to them.  When I came back to my senses,my phone and wallet had disappeared too” said the frustrated lady

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However Nyamu said the days of these conmen are numbered since the police are pursuing them and they will face the law.

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