Unanswered questions after county offices’ fire Saga


After an unexpected fire razed down a number of course to offices of Kitui county,  there has emerged a number of questions concerning the Kitui county Emergency fund bill which is yet to be enacted into law.

The fire saga has thrown into light the truth of the matter which is that the  bill on emergency fund was forwarded to the Kitui County Assembly in November last year.  The county’s  MCA’s have however failed to pass this bill into law hence making it difficult to deal with such emergencies.

According to the Public Finance Management (PFM) Committee, an executive member of the same shall administer the county government emergency fund for the county government in accordance with a framework and criteria approved by the assembly

Without a law to govern them, the executive committee  has its hands tied as it lacks a framework approved by the county Assembly.

Reliable Sources within the government indicate that the bill is only proposing to have 42 million channeled to this fund. This is way below the 192 million that was passed for the same purpose by Malombe’s regime.

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As it stands presently,  Kitui County is the only county that doesn’t have an emergency fund.

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