Mwingi probox ferrying charcoal was not torched, find out here


By Linah Musangi

Mwingi, 27/2/2018: A probox loaded with charcoal has burst into flames in Mwingi town.

It is claimed that the cause of the fire was due to uncooled charcoal before packaging.

The afternoon incident has occurred against the backdrop of total ban of charcoal burning in Kitui County by governor Ngilu.

The occupants and residents tried to put off the fire in vain using crude means of scooping sand due to lack of water.

The probox was fully packed with charcoal upto the co-driver’s seat living little room for the driver to maneuver. He has escaped unhurt.

As the vehicle went up in flames, daring men scooped the charcoal which was stashed inside the car without sacks despite the risks involved.

Mwingi Police, who arrived at the scene, had hectic time controlling the crowd milling around the vehicle to take photos amid a possible explosion.

However Mwingi residents have celebrated the incident saying its to send a signal on the need to conserve the environment.

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