Women in Waita Gk prison celebrated Women’s day in style

Women in Waita Gk prison

By Linah Musangi
9th March 2018

Inmates at Waita Gk prison, women wing yesterday were all smiles after being visited by some women leaders from Mwingi who had come to celebrate the day with them.

Speaking to them, Mwingi central Deputy Ocpd, Harriet Kinya urged these inmates to first accept that they are confined in the prison premises bearing in mind that soon their term will be over.

Being in prison is not an end to life. Soon you will be free and join us out there. After your term, please make sure you are accompanied by more experience that  will be helpful in your next life.” Madam Harriet advised the 13 inmates.

The Deputy Ocpd urged these women to avoid cases such as theft , fighting and also obey their husbands once they get home.

Women are the backbone to this society. Please take care of your children and husbands and also avoid anything that will get you back here again“. She added

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Christine Kalikanda,an officer from Centre for human rights and civic education office urged both national and county governments to ensure that women get the right support so as to achieve their goals.

She said that women have for a long time faced a lot of challenges right from home to their place of work ,especially in leadership,and it’s their time to shine and the only way to celebrate them is through support and freedom of choice.

During these celebrations,the inmates received presents such as clothes,shoes ,tissues paper among others from the guest women to show love and support

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