Adventure: Nuu Hills in Mwingi East


Hill is also home to various species of birds.The water outlets decorate Nuu Hill by forming what resembles a golden mayoral chain.

Kitui County is known for its harsh climate, but there is another picture of the region many people are not aware of.

In the midst of the dry region lies a wonder of sorts.

The region hosts one of the most “generous” hills. Welcome to Nuu Hill in Mwingi East.

The hill, which is barely 10 square kilometres, has 13 springs, with each capable of filling a river with water.

The springs form a beautiful waterfall, approximately 10 metres high, before returning the same water to where it came from — beneath the hill.

The springs decorate Nuu Hill by forming what resembles a golden mayoral chain.

From a distance, the springs look like pieces of diamond pinned around the hill. It is a beautiful site to behold.

For those who are not familiar with Kitui, these “pieces of diamond” around Nuu Hill are Kyatuka, Kiwani, Kalesi and Mola/Kathanze springs.

Others are Ngieni Wasua, Mutaitho, Kaunzuu, Nyekini, Miinyeni and Makilita springs.

The hill is also home to various species of birds, perhaps attracted by the clear spring water.

To protect the springs, the government has barred human activities near Nuu — a one-kilometre buffer zone around the foot of the hill.

Only area chiefs are allowed to build inside the buffer zone, perhaps to instil fear in people who would want to come anywhere near the wonder hill.

Kitui Senator David Musila, who was MP for the area that includes Nuu Hill, put part of the clean water into use by tapping and piping it to residents.

Through his CDF allocation, Mr Musila tapped water from five of the 13 springs and piped it to various centralised points in the villages from where residents could draw it.

Villagers pay only Sh1 for a jerrican of water at the kiosks.

The caretakers of the water kiosks use the money to pay themselves and to repair the pumps.

The county government has been urged to find a way of tapping water from the Nuu springs to benefit more people in Kitui.

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