Musila Foundation Clarifies: No Delay in Bursary Disbursement


In response to an article published here yesterday concerning delay in disbursement of bursaries to needy students, Musila Foundation has come out to clear the air on the matter.

In a statement sent to, the foundation stated that it is a requirement for all beneficiaries to provide proof that they are still schooling from time to time. The reason being that some may ambandon school or get expelled, causing a waste of money if fees is still paid for them.

In the statement, the foundation stated clear that unless such proof from the individual’s institution is provided, there will be no disbursement of the funds to individual accounts. Alongside the proof of good conduct from the institution, a benefiaciary is also required to provide academic transcripts from time to time for the foundation to monitor their academic progress.

See the statement below;

As you are aware, the Musila foundation is non political and only out to help the needy through their 4 or 5 year course. Given the duration of engagement with each student lasting for over 4 years, we periodically request them to provide a letter from their Universities to prove that they are still pursuing their courses. The reason is obvious: some students abandon school while others get expelled. It would, therefore, be wastage of money paying fees for them yet they are not in school. This request for proof of schooling is not provided at once by all students: some delay while others ignore it. Currently, those who have not produced such letters will ONLY have their fees paid after they have presented proof that they are still in school. This is what some people are terming as “delay” in our operations.”

The beneficiaries who have not provided such letters are therefore called upon to take an immediate action and ensure that they deliver them to the foundation offices to avoid missing examinations due to fee balances.

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