Ikuusya villagers of Mwingi central have a reason to smile

    Emmanuel Kisangau, Kitui minister for Agriculture, water and livestock (Centre) his Director Muteti

    By Linah Musangi

    Ikuusya villagers of Waita ward in Mwingi central sub county within Kitui county today were all smiles for hosting World Water Day for the first time in history. This came along different development agendas for the area.

    The event spearheaded by Adventist Development and Relief Agency(ADRA) who have already constructed one sand dam in the area, saw many other Non-governmental organizations attending that included Action Aid, Caritas Kitui, World vision among others.

    The Chief guest, Emmanuel Kisang’au, Kitui county minister for Agriculture, water and livestock outlined rain water harvesting plans that county government is working on that moved the crowd positively.

    Among the plans are , distribution of 25  water tanks that holds up to 10,000 litres each. This will enable the villagers who are mostly farmers harvest alot of water that will be useful even at times when there is no rain.

    We are making efforts to ensure that those tanks are issued to schools, hospitals among other places in the area as fast as possible to atleast save thousands of litres that are lost through  over land flow. ” the Minister Stated

    Two more sand dams will be constructed in  the area. ” what ADRA does, then we double it since this is our home. Plans are underway to construct two more sand dams here to better rain water harvesting“, Mr. Kisang’au added.

    The county government has ordered 10 tractors with over 100 horsepower to support ploughing of trenches in the area that will help in controlling lowering the water table, soil erosion, ground water recharge and siltation that can be major problems, even when flooding is not.

    Parents have been urged not to send their children in the earth dams alone as this may endanger their lives.

    Lastly, residents have been called upon to continue painting trees as this is the major way of protecting our ecosystem especially during this time when a lot of trees have been fell for charcoal burning.

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