Is this anything to go by?


Athi Ward MCA and Minority Leader Hon. Peter Kilonzo popularly known as Tangawizi must be a man torn between reality and fiction!

Details have emerged on how he is surprisingly, in disguise of protecting county staff and more specifically alleged indiscriminate interdiction and staff transfers has moved a notch higher to foolishly and aggressively defend former corrupt and incompetent acting Finance and Planning Chief Officer Ms. June who has been entangled in an escalating series of financial controversies!

After perusal of KNAO reports, i can now reveal the facts that have emerged! The bare truth is that the Office of the Auditor General had in the year ending 30th June 2016 given directives for investigations of the then Finance CECM Simon Mundu, Ag. Chief Officer Ms. June, LIUD Chief Officer Shadrach Munyithya and 3 engineers who were involved in fraudulent deals to step aside for investigations but the process was thwarted because all the accused officers enjoyed the ‘mercies’ of Governor Malombe’s administration.

Under Ms June’s directives, (the lady Hon. Kilonzo is protecting like his latest wife) there is a rumour to this soon to be confirmed), Kitui County was marred with massive procurement irregularities involving a whooping 1.4 Billion through irregular award of contracts which have to date remained pending bills under EACC probe for the current government to settle!

Specifically, June and her colleagues were found to have awarded contracts worth Kshs,1.4B over a weekend on the Saturday of 28th June, 2018. A whole 59 contracts were evaluated by three officers and awarded at grossly inflated prices on the same day to few contractors most of which were not duly compliant with the law, All this under Ms June’s instructions.

It has been established that Hon. Peter Kilonzo was the intended beneficiary who also got many IT contracts being one of the powerful MCAs’ in the first county assembly. Documents were doctored, says the report, The going concern for the next county government was not factored,

The external auditor recommended the stepping aside of Madam June and other officers to pave way for investigations, however, no action was taken by Governor Malombe’s administration. I have established from reliable sources that the county is bound by the Auditors recommendations, a fact our chest thumping and corrupt Majority leader Kilonzo has chosen to defend for a fat pay. And by the way, Kilonzo has only has two options, vehemently defend June or refund the kickback he has received.

Besides the tenders scandal, Ms. June also profoundly featured at the centre of an IFMIS scandal that left Kitui County loose 94 Million in fictitious ways that left many people wondering!

This is the true and verifiable story behind Kilonzo’s motion. Nobody will hide! I shall unveil everything! See details and evidence below. The truth will always stand!

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