Hit and run cases should be treated as felony, Mwingi west Mp

Hon Charles Nguna, Mwingi West Legislator

Mwingi, March 25: Since the beginning of this year, thousands of Kenyans have lost their lives in road accidents. However, too few people have ever been made aware of what happens to the driver who causes such accidents by reckless driving on the roads.

Rampant accidents in the month of December led to losing of many lives, something which triggered President Uhuru Kenyatta to take action and disband the National Transport and Safety authority (NTSA) and ordered them to clear from Kenyan roads, reverting back the role of ensuring safety on Kenyan roads the traffic police.

The thorniest issue on Kenyan roads is the rising cases of Drivers who cause accidents on our roads but run away even without informing the police about the incidences. Many Kenyans have lost their lives and drivers gone scot-free due to the hit and run accidents which continue happening daily on our roads. But have you ever wondered what punitive measures the government might have put in place in order to bring sanity on our roads?

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It is due to such incidences that Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna is calling for harsh punitive measure to be put in place targeting drivers who cause accidents and fail to report them to the necessary authorities.

Speaking during a burial ceremony at Kairungu location in his constituency, Mr Nguna vowed to sponsor a bill in parliament imposing harsh punitive measures on reckless drivers, who have been killing Kenyans on the roads through wanton road accidents.

The legislator said that currently a hit and run driver is only charged not more than sh.300, 000 and this according to him is too little compared to the magnitude of the offense.

I have lost a cousin through this disturbing hit and run situation.A very young soul is gone yet no one knows who killed the 33 year old” Nguna lamented.

He said that too many innocent Kenyans have lost their lives in road accidents and now it was the right time to take stern action against recklessmotorists.

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