Six freed on 1.8 Million Cash Bond by Kitui Law Courts over theft charges via till number.


Six freed on 1.8 Million cash bond by Kitui Law Courts over Technological theft charges.

Six middle aged men were on  Friday, 23 March, 2018 in the morning arraigned in Kitui Law Courts chambers over the charge of stealing a heavy amount of KSh. 3 Million from Riva Petrol-Station located at Kunda Kindu next to Kanda Supermarket within the outskirts of Kitui town.

The accused six Stanley Mutua, John Joshua,Duncan Mwendwa, Peter Kivungi, Meshack Katunga and Francis Kathingo jointly denied the charge before Kitui Law Courts Principal Magistrate Johnstone Munguti over the charge of stealing from the named fueling station digitally via its payment till number.

Magistrate Johnstone Munguti made a ruling of ordering the accused six men to be freed on cash bond of KSh. 300,000 each upon denial to the accusations of technological theft.

The Chief Prosecutor said that the six had tricked the Riva Petro-Station Manager before stealing the 3 Million amount from the petrol station using its till number used by the esteemed customers for payment after fueling and other services offered at the station.

Riva Petro station is one of the big petrol stations found at the outskirts of Kitui town. Maany services are offered such as fuelling services, puncture repairs and the tyre pressuring to the vehicles.

According to Mureithi Mutegi, the Kitui law Courts Prosecutor the accused six men were the employees of the Riva Petrol Station.These employees used their knowledge about the daily functioning and running of the station to con the Management.

Johnstone Munguti freed each of the accused six on cash bond of 300,000 cash bond each.Further, Munguti rescheduled the next hearing on 2018 April, 7 whereby all the six suspects shall be required to make personal appearance before the Court Chambers .

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