Will Ngilu’s Kitui 7’s replicate Masaku 7’s?


It’s now 5 days for Kitui Sevens to kick off and the level of preparedness for this long awaited event by the rugby fans is raising numerous questions to the locals.

The County Government of Kitui under the Department of Tourism and Sports headed by Hon. Koki Musau has up to now done little in preparation to that upcoming event.

As at now,no green carpet has been laid at Ithookwe Grounds where the event is planned to be held. In addition to that,no banners with the K7’s slogan have already been placed have been placed within the field to advertise the grand opening of the event.

One of Kitui’s celebrated Radio Presenter Gera the Selector has openly poked the holes at Ithookwe Grounds which is expected to host the Kitui7’s rugby event starting from 31 st March to 1 st April this year.According to the Radio Star, the event will flop much time.

Gera wrote to Hon. Kuvasila advising him to wake up unless they want a replica of ‘miss tourism event’ which faced numerous challenges including poor event organisation and poor ciordinarion among the key stakeholders.

Wake up not unless you want another ‘miss nonsense’…” wrote Gera to CEC Kuvasila.

Janet,a Kitui rugby fan said,”hii itakuwa best example of a poorly done event if no urgent measures shall be taken to save the current conditions.

Janet added that the county Governance under the leadership of H.E Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu has allocated the funds for the event yet the event management commitee has done too much little in preparation for the function.

Ngilu’s Administration is not ready at all for Kitui sevens” Pilot posted. A statement Moha, a Kitui Rural fan agreed to.

Kitui County CEC responsible for Tourism and Sports Hon. Koki Musau has shown little preparedness for this less hyped event.

In an online poll conducted by KituiOnline on Sunday morning, rugby fans felt that Ngilu’s Administration was not set for the event and proposed for a quick/better approach or change of date.

Last minute field preparations, lack of proper event branding and absenteeism of event hype among others factors fueled the poor performance of #Miss Kitui 2017 event held late last year.

We can only wait to see another ‘Miss nonsense’ event.


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