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Kitui County is again at the verge of being conned by the obvious officials who’s aim is to make more money than they have ever earned in their entire life time.

A growing scandal  in Mwingi West Constituency of officials of the county government with the help of few locals of Mwingi West Constituency trying to swindle money from the county government has emerged.

It is thought that the few individuals tried to raise money from the public for a medical camp, an initiative that was meant to confuse the county government to think that it was a community based project. However, the always eagle eyed constituents discovered what was happening and unearthed the scandal.

An official of the county tried to seek assistance from the county regarding a medical camp in which the locals had already paid for. He didn’t admit that fact to the county.

The locals were quick to discover who was trying to shortchange them using the county government resources, they in fact exposed a couple of individuals who are working for the county government but now trying to help swindle funds from the same government they are working for.

Other named individuals are just but tenderprenures seeking favors from the county employees.

Are we really going to run our Constituency this way?”, one of the Mwingi West MCA’s was quoted asking.

It has been the norm for a couple of years now for county officials to use community affiliated projects to swindle money from the county government.

This is an unfortunate situation that is actually drying out the county government accounts. We as the people should never allow such activities to happen. When one citizen suffers, we all suffer.


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