Over 3,200 youths secure daily jobs from Kitui County Grading Programme.


Two months after the launch of Kitui County grading system by Governor Ngilu,a significant achievement has been registered with more than 80 youths across each of the 40 Assembly Wards benefiting from the programme.

Implementation of this programme has been beneficial to both unskilled and semi-skilled local youths from Kitui who have been idling jobless as a result of few working job opportunities across the different economic sectors .

The rural roads grading program is being undertaken across all the 40 Wards of Kitui County.Each Ward in the vast Kitui County is expected to benefit at least 30 KM grading.Easing an access to the interior zones is among the major goals of the initiative.Also,the programme aims at improving the passability of the dry weather roads connecting major trading centres within the county.

The road grading shall foster fast economic development through easing the movement of goods and quick delivery of services to the clients and also serving as a connection between the markets.Over the years,heavy downpour has been rendering many feeder roads in the interior impassable.This was characterized by frequent stuck of locomotives in the muddy roads.

Since the launch of the Rural Roads Grading Programme,more than 80 local youths have benefitted from each Ward.This number translates to over 3200 youths who have got employment since the launch initiative by the incumbent Governor Hon. Charity Ngilu in accompaniment by the Senior county officials from the Department of Lands,Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Development led by the CEC Hon. Engineer Kakundi.

Since the programme kicked off two months ago,each youth employee has been taking home a total of KES. 350 on daily basis.This youth daily pay has marked a notable improvement to their means of livelihood since they mentioned can utilise the pay not only for improving their styles of living but also for settling own needs.

As Kitui County Government put its strucure to empower the youths .We’ve tried to what we can,” Engineer Eric Ngilu,Governor’s PA said.

This move comes as the County Cabinet gears towards ensuring that Kitui youths fully benefit from the county tenders.This shall ensure the locals become the first county tender beneficiaries before considering awarding the same to the outsiders.

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