Major reasons hindering tree planting exercise in the county


In the past few years, Kitui county has been receiving very minimal rainfall leading to an increase in  hunger crisis. The major reason behind the increased cases of low yields in farming that recently saw one of the MPs recently  calling for hastened distribution of relief food in his constituency is deforestation.

Today the destruction of forests has increased along with population growth. With trees and forests we meet many of our needs.At the same time forest cause rains.Forest soils are moist,but without protection from sun blocking tree cover,they quickly dry out.

Most Kitui residents especially those in the interior parts of the county have been ‘surviving’  on charcoal business. This saw their children going to school, putting a meal on the table among other responsibilities.

Tree felling  has caused a major problem within the county with some parts experiencing no rainfall at all after the business ‘expanded’ when traders from different parts of the country ‘tasted’ Kitui charcoal.

Residents have been urged by various leaders to practise a thorough tree planting exercise in the county to increase the forest cover.

However, the exercise is faced by some challenges that include, lack of funds to buy the seedlings.

Trees should be planted in schools, hospitals among other centres yet the seedlings have not been provided by the county government yet.

The other issue that has paralysed this tree planting exercise is lack of water. Once the trees are planted. There is no water to nature them. This might lead to drying up of the tree.

Unless these two major barriers are addressed by Kitui county government, little will be done concerning the tree planting exercise.


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