Joysila members mark Easter with angels


A charity organisation in kitui county has decided to mark this year’s Easter holiday visiting the county’s major Children’s homes to donate food, clothings and education materials in a Christian bonding and charity event.

Speaking at AIC BABY CARE in kitui town, the Joysila foundation chairman Allan sila, said the organisation is visiting several children’s homes in a spiritual bonding and welfare activity programme that the foundation introduced recently.

This is a new programme of our union that aims at reaching out to the disadvantaged in society to provide spiritual inspiration and socio-support. We hope to hold more of such activities often,” he said.

He said about fifty members of the union that has over two hundred members would interact with the children and hold prayers before donating the gifts. The event, according to the union leader, will involve two separate groups with each one visiting each centre separately.

The chairman added that the activity was being sponsored by his friends and donations from individual members of the foundation .

He added, “We will play games, sing and pray with the children and staff at these centers before giving out the gifts. We realise that it is part of Christian values and culture to remember the disadvantaged of society.”


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