More politicians condemn Miguna’s theatrics over his Kenyan citizenship at JKIA.


More Politicians have come out to condemn Miguna’s theatrics with the immigration officers at JKIA.

Few days after Kitui South legislator Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai defended the Jubilee government over Miguna’s forceful deportation to Dubai,more politcians have expressed their dissatisfaction over his dramas at JKIA.

Hon. Nyamai argued that Miguna was unwilling to follow the appropriate procedures at the department of immigration at the airport which caused much tension between the state officers and lawyer Miguna.

Monday, 26 th March 2018 was ‘return to Kenya day’ for lawyer Miguna from Cananda where he got deported months ago after he became nuisance to the government. Lawyer Miguna who identified himself as the leader of outlawed resistance movement by the name National Resistance Movement-Kenya.

Few months ago, Migunas NRM-K which he is associated as its General,was banned and declared illegal association in Kenya by the Interior and National Government Coordination CS. Hon. Fred Matiangi.The CS outlawed the resistance movement arguing that it would pose a great threat to the organs of national security and the well being of Kenyans.

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Also, the CS warned that whoever shall be caught associating himself or herself with the movement shall be dealt with harshly by the government.

Lawyer Miguna has been hitting the headlines of Kenyan and international newspapers, televisions and radios since his return to Kenya from Toronto city in Cananda.His dramas at JKIA immigrations office has been setting a series of events to the newsrooms. Photojournalists for instance utilised their long term experience in live coverage of the named lawyer.

Immediately after the plane he was on board from Canada landed at the airport, all eyes were set on him to hear what he had to say concerning his forceful deportation to Canada by the Kenyan government months ago.

The former Kitui Women Representative aspirant Jane Kibati has disowned Miguna publicly over his dramas at JKIA.

My view is that Miguna is seeking fame across the globe but more so to Kenyan people.Many people have fallen prey to his dramas and threatics since the media decided to air his story daily,” Jane Kibati said.

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