Kitui NYC Chair disowns Kamba Community Summit at Koma-Rock


Political concerns have emerged following the Kamba Meeting scheduled to be held on Monday, 2nd April 2018 at Koma-rock in Kangundo Sub-County Machakos County to find the political way forward for Ukambani.

This has occurred after many Kamba Political leaders have disowned the summit terming it as hypocritical hence turning their backs to the Wiper Political Party Leader Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka saying that he was responsible for breakage of the Kamba Community.

Aggrey Nzomo, the NYC Chair Kitui County questioned how Hon. Kalonzo could call for unity conference for the same people he himself divided with his party .Nzomo termed Kalonzo’s Wiper as unfair political party in Kenya and wondered how Kalonzo would want to meet the same leaders he had fought against and backbite for the last three years.

How does he feel that Jubilee Party, NARC, CCU, Independents have positions even in his own county and community as large yet he didn’t include them in the Wiper led program.,” Nzomo wrote.

Hon. Irene Kasalu , the Women Rep.Kitui County, defended Kalonzo saying that scheduled meeting was not a WIPER meeting but a Kamba Community meeting.

Kasalu urged Kitui NYC Chair to go slow on Kalonzo for he is only known and true Ukambani Leader. Nzomo’s bitterness was stirred by the fact that many Wiper nominations winners like in Nuu and Mantinyani Wards were denied their tickets. “They were sold to the highest bidder” he said.

Aggrey Nzomo has personal differences with Kalonzo Musyoka and his WIPER party for what he termed as “refusing to nominate deserving Wiper youths and instead giving slots to aged cronies. “When opportunities come he nominates cronies and in other cases his family members like the EALA slot“, fired an angry Nzomo.

He was urged by Hon. Kasalu to attend the meeting so that they can brainstorm together on the way forward for the Kamba people an offered he turned down. She said that the meeting was going to cut across all the party lines and shall not be based only on Wiper party.

Kasalu urged leaders defend Ukambani leadership. She further added that someone will steal the Kamba Meeting show and claim that is a Wiper party affair.

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