Mwingi west Mp pleas to Jubilee government

Hon Charles Nguna, Mwingi West Legislator

Mwingi west  is an electoral constituency in Kitui county with a population of 122,620 and approximately 1,669 square kilometres.

The area Member of parliament ,Charles Ngusya Nguna has tabled his pleas to the national government that will be very vital in boosting his people’s lives.

One main challenge in the area is poverty. When one walks around the constituency they are met by very poorly structured buildings starting from schools to homesteads. This is a clear indication of the financial state in the area.

Mr. Nguna has urged the national government to increase Cdf allocation funds adding that Ksh. 86 million for the entire constituency is little since most schools in his area need renovation among other projects.

For instance, Itong’olani primary school needs up to Ksh.4 million for renovation“, Nguna who was attending a harambee in the school stated.

If we can be able to get more money for projects then we would definitely serve the people fully. As at now, I am engaging some NGOs among other organisations to extend a helping hand in the constituency inorder to raise the living standards of my constituents.” He added.

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The legislator has also raised concerns on the country’s inflation rate urging the Jubilee government to correct MACRO and MICRO economic variables for things to work out economically.

In most schools the number of teachers employed are very few. This is slowly paralysing education with some schools getting a mean score of up to 194 marks.

The leading pupil in last year’s KCPE scored 261 marks with most of them getting 250 marks and below” a parent at Itong’olani primary school told Kitui online.

The low performance is initiated by the few teachers who cannot offer services to all these students thus the need of national government through the Education ministry to employ more teachers.” Another parent added.

Lastly, Charles Nguna has called upon some leaders to stop 2022 politics and focus on serving their people not forgetting to unite them and embrace peace among the residents.


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