Are Ukambani gods angry with charcoal burning


Long ago, stealing was a rare practice in Ukambani,this was because everyone had their own security that they needed no watchman or ‘mbwa Kali’ for any beef up. Once anything was taken without the owner’s consent,it was definitely brought back under very unclear circumstances. This made the community famous for ‘kamuti’ a local name meaning witchcraft.

Charcoal burning in Kitui county has seen a lot of mysterious happenings with the most recent being the lorry that got stuck in Enziu river leaving three charcoal transporters dead.

Few weeks ago, a probox ferrying charcoal burst into flames at Mwingi town without being torched by anyone as it was alleged.

A lot of questions arose concerning the mysterious fire with some saying that it’s Ukambani withcraft commonly known as kamuti reacting.

“If the Njoroge’s think they can intimidate us by transporting our charcoal out of the county despite the ban, then our gods will deal with them mercilessly” a synonymous was quoted saying.

The war started when one lorry was torched by residents in Kanyonyoo area of Machakos county on its way to Nairobi from Mwingi.

This brought alot of enemity between Kamba community and the Kukuyus leading to two young kikuyu men singing a very insulting song to the ‘Wakanesa’s’ telling them to eat dogs after mango season is over. This led to alot of heated reactions from kamba leaders with Governor Ngilu saying that her ban on charcoal burning is not aiming  any tribe.

However, lorries were still seen transporting charcoal from the county making the business so daring.

The lorry that is up to date stuck at the famous  Enziu river has been deeply emerged there for close to four weeks now.

We are trying our best to see the lorry out of the river but our efforts are hindered by the ongoing rains and  the lorry is deeply emerged in the sand”, Mwingi east police boss, Paul Munene said.

This charcoal saga started from arresting of the trucks carrying charcoal, to rowdy youths in the county ‘arresting’ and offloading charcoal then taking the bags to their homes, to torching a lorry and now, loosing lives.

A keen observation  indicate that something might be very wrong. Maybe the gods have been provoked and they are unleashing their wrath on the wrong doers.

For this reason, rains in Kitui have been very minimal.Poverty levels are way too high due to low rains since most people depend on farming within the county.


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