Hon. Mwalika fulfils his promises to Katwala Mixed School.


Joy to students of Katwala secondary located at Mbitini ward in Kisasi Sub-County after the area Legislator Hon. Mwalika Mboni handed over more than 80 new iron boxes to the boys’ whose property’s got razed by the fire.

Early last week upon his visit to the school, Hon. Mwalika Mboni of Kitui Rural constituency promised the school administration board that he shall be supplying the boxes and other support to the students who got affected by fire.

Mboni also pledged financial and material support to the school as a compensation of the loss incurred after a fire accident few months ago.Since the incident, the boys have been struggling on how to survive in school after they almost lost all they had.

The MP assured the school management that his office shall lias closely with it and that it would do all it can to effect the compensation with an immediate effect.

During his visit to the school,the area Member of National Assembly donated a cash cheque worth 1M to assist in completion of the burned dormitory rehabilitation. The MP was accompanied by the Senior NG-CDF officers.

Kitui Rural MP, Hon Mwalika donating a cheque to Katwala Mixed School for completion of a dormitory

Fortunately, no single student was reported to have been injured during the incident.However, most boys’ belonging such as the academic documents and certificaes, clothes and mattresses got completely burnt.The had high rate by which the fire spread could not allow the saving of the property within the dormitory.

Early last month,Kitui County Deputy Governor Dr. Nzau donated mattresses and blankets to the boys who got affected after the fire razed down the boy’s dormitory. These boys were left with nowhere to spent their nights following the burning of their dormitory and their beddings.

During the fire incident,nothing much got saved from the dormitory due the intensiveness of the fire razes which quickly spread all over barring entry into the dormitory .

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