Ngilu’s allied contractors shakes up her service delivery .


All is not well in Kitui County as Governor Ngilu’s allied contractors are accused of shaking up her Service Delivery via their suspicious completion of the county Projects.

Kitui County contractors popular by their newly branded name “watu wa Ngilu” are complicating and said to worsen the Governor’s re-election in the forthcoming 2022 General elections due to their questionable attendance to the County projects once awarded.

This is becoming evident to the Kitui publics since most of them are doing a shody job once awarded the county tenders.Ngilu’s allied contractors if not well checked as per the locals ,have a probability of bringing more trouble to her administration as the Kitui Governor.

Kitui locals have already raised their concern and questions over the quality of the county sponsored projects upon the completion.Among the most and frequently questionable projects is the tarmacking repair of the Hospital road in Kitui town.Being the main hospital in Kitui town,the residents are now complaining that the road was even better before the repairs were done.

Nothing has been done on this road,it’s nothing but Governor’s payback system,” says Mutua,a bodaboda based in Kitui town.

According to Mutua,the contractor who is Ngilu’s close friend cannot do a quality job since he is working towards recovering back the money spent during the campaign period ahead of the past August 8th,2017 general elections when Ngilu secured the top county seat.

Other County projects that have increased the locals suspicion about their quality include the car wash project,Kalundu market drainage system and the Kitui Hospital tent Project which were funded by the county.

If this slogan is to go by,then the so-called “watu wa Ngilu” should shift their attention from the current state and focus on pulling up in readiness to doing a high quality job for the betterment of county government delivery to the Kitui locals.

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